Why You Need A/B Testing To Get The Best Performance Out Of Your Website


A/B Testing may not be as popular as other online marketing aspects like SEO and web analytics. However, marketers are realizing the importance of this incredibly scientific and reliable method of determining whether you are using the best marketing route for your business.

What A/B Testing Exactly Means

A/B Testing involves two versions of a marketing element (A and B) and a metric to measure success. You are required to subject both A and B versions to tests simultaneously to decide which one will help you achieve your marketing goals better so that you can select the more successful version for real-world use.

To explain it in a more lucid manner – You have two designs of a website called A and B. A is the existing design and B is the new design. The website traffic is split between these two versions and their performance measured by using metrics that make an impact on your business the most like conversion rate, sales, and bounce rates. At the end of the testing process, you simply choose the version that delivers the best results. The user will be none the wiser and you will have a refined sense of what they actually want. It can help you plan your moves that synchronize perfectly with the needs of your audience.

You Can Test Performance on Various Metrics

In today’s marketing situation, if you are not measuring, you are just hurtling down a blind alley. That’s why A/B Testing is more important for your business today than ever before. With this powerful business tool, you can test all aspects of your site including feature launches, site redesigns, search algorithm changes and checkout flow processes. Testing how your site looks can help you garner sales and profits. However, it’s also important to start thinking about other areas of your site that may lead to increased conversions which is what A/B Testing does.

Results That Are Driven By Solid, Data-Driven Facts

The very nature of A/B Testing is very practical and reliable. It eliminates guess work and provides concrete suggestions that you can incorporate in your website to boost performance significantly. Many times, the ideas or concepts that marketers think are sure-shot successes, may not always deliver expected results. In online marketing, gut instincts may lead to unraveling of new opportunities, but they may not always be profitable for your business. Through A/B testing you have solid, data-driven reasons to make the best business decisions for your website.

You can achieve consistency of test statistics when your test results repeatedly deliver the same results which means you can safely judge which version (A or B), is best. The chances of the test results being accurate and not random are very high. A/B Testing is often aimed to deliver 95 per cent accuracy. It effectively means that there is only a 5 per cent chance the results are random.

A/B Testing tools are available with different focuses, price points and feature sets. Choose the one that’s most compatible for your business needs.

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