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The Numerous Benefits Of Using Microsites For Your Brand Promotion


Microsites are, as the name suggests, are mini-websites that consist of a few or maybe just one page. They exist independent of a company’s main page, and have their own URL. Generally, microsites are developed in combination with a specific advertising campaign with the purpose of using it as the landing page for the campaign’s targeted audience. Using attractive, engaging and interactive brand microsites offers many benefits to your brand and company. When done rightly, it can lead to increased brand awareness, improved SEO, and more impactful engagement with customers.

Creating Access to Uncluttered Information

Microsites can play a very important role in helping your audience find precisely what they are looking for. They create an invaluable resource that’s easy to scan. Microsites are designed with the intention of providing an uncluttered path to specific information that your targeted audience are looking for.

Companies use microsites for the promotion of a brand or a new concept or even for the announcement of news that may be of extreme importance to their consumer base. It can enhance the promotional goals for a specific product, service or new launches and keep customers engaged by exchanging extremely important news about the company’s growth and development.

The autonomic nature of microsites allows you to make changes and provide updates in an effective and impactful manner. The fact that they have their own URLs makes it easy to get around the main website and provide valuable input faster and more effectively.

Besides the above-mentioned points, there are many other advantages of using microsites.

Other Key Advantages

The most obvious and important advantage is that microsites can create a unique identity for a product or service that’s quite different from the main, more established brand of the company. You can use an entirely new approach while introducing the new product or service to your audience and create a distinct identity for them.

Improve Conversion Rates for Specific Brands

Microsites help in creating a sharper focus on an idea. It can be the perfect online tool for driving your audience into action. As the site focuses on a specific brand, distractions are minimized and your customers will be able to understand the brand and its salient features better. Conversions can be less challenging with microsites.

SEO Benefits

SEO benefits can be easily counted among one of the biggest gains of using microsites. Every microsite is a unique website by itself and has its own identity, complete with an independent URL. This can be used to simplify the search process for a specific product or service by selecting an address that people can easily relate with the product or service. It can give your SEO efforts a huge boost as the search engine algorithm can add ranking importance to the contents of the URL.

Perfect for Short Term Campaigns

Microsites are ideal for programs and campaigns with a limited lifetime. These sites can be quickly created and deployed and hence ideal for seasonal promotional campaigns. Microsites can also help grab eyeballs as it can create links to your homepage. It will help you create a better exposure for your other brands as well.

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