Is Your Online Marketing And Seo Strategies In Sync With New Algorithms?


The Hummingbird is the latest update Google has made to its algorithm. It approaches search engine queries in a practical and more intelligent way than before by merging new technology with older features of the existing algorithms. Why Hummingbird? The nectar-feeding bird is known for its speed and accuracy. So, how does the Hummingbird update affect your online marketing strategies and SEO?

What You Must Know About the Latest Updates?

If you think SEO has been buried by the Hummingbird update, you are wrong. The update is expected to bring the long tail keyword back into focus, but it won’t significantly affect the way you market online and chase top rankings for your website and pages. There are a few basic rules that have not changed and they are:

  • Original and engaging content still rules search.
  • Back links that are earned using proper SEO methods can fetch higher rankings.
  • Keywords used in moderation and placed carefully will get your page the results you desire.

Many SEOs deny the claim that Hummingbird will affect a vast majority of queries for the simple reason that significant change in traffic and rankings was not visible. So, which sites got hit? The sites whose rankings plunged were probably those which were completely dependent on very long, keyword-optimized pages, but were low on authority and original content.

Basic search engine optimization (SEO) is fundamental and essential as well. SEO will help you position your website properly to be found at the most critical points when people are looking for the kind of information that your web pages offer.

What Must Be Done to Improve Search Results and Rankings?

For getting the best results from your online marketing and SEO efforts, it is important to have a responsive website for your business. This essentially means your website design must be able to adjust to the layout or size of the website when viewed through various browsing devices, such as a desktop, tablet, smartphone, or iPad.

The main website must be easily viewed clearly on all devices. When this is done, the user will be taken to a page that’s optimized for their viewing needs, regardless of the browsing device being used. Uniting your website’s content with the mobile site through a responsive web design can do great things of your online marketing and also strengthen your website’s SEO.

The Moves That Will Drive More Relevant Traffic to Your Website

As Google continues to evolve, it’s clear that traditional keyword research in terms of measurement of volume and competition metrics for individual, granular search queries is fast becoming irrelevant. It does not care about whether you have optimized each individual web page on your website to a specific keyword. It is now more about whether your page’s content offers answers to the question presented by the user.

It is futile spending your precious time trying to find the miraculous combination of keyword metrics that will guarantee you natural search traffic and more relevant visitors. It will be more prudent to research and come up with the questions users are asking or more likely to ask in the future about your industry and brands. Make sure your website’s content has detailed and relevant answers to all these questions. More importantly, the information provided must be in a user-friendly format that’s easily understood by the search engines and provides extra value to your visitors.

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