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Become a Smart Mobile Ecommerce Player with a Mobile Ready Website


Having a mobile-friendly website is no longer just a technological showpiece; it’s indispensable for your online business now. It is reported that as much as 60 per cent of all online searches comes from smartphones and other handheld devices. To recognize this important change in browsing and search habit of users, Google is changing its algorithm yet again to reward those websites that are mobile ready. Experts reckon that this is easily one of the biggest changes that Google has initiated in recent years and will have to taken seriously if you don’t want your rankings to come crashing down.

Being Mobile Ready – the Advantages

Websites designed for conventional PCs like desktops and laptops cannot be viewed properly on smartphones nor do they work well. Users have to constantly having to pinch and zoom to view the content clearly. Navigation links are simply beyond reach as smartphones identify finger touches and not a mouse. All these can result in an extremely frustrating and time-consuming experience for mobile users.

There are numerous positives of making your website mobile ready apart from the fact that you will be among those websites that will leapfrog over other sites that are not yet mobile ready, when it comes to grabbing top search result rankings. You will be able to tap into a growing generation of smartphone users who use their mobile devices to search and shop.

Grab A Greater Piece of the Market Pie By Being Proactive

With the number of smartphone users poised to increase dramatically over the next few years, you will be in a wonderful position vis-à-vis your competitors who are still coming to grips with this technology. By bursting off the blocks before most others, you will benefit immensely because of the first mover advantage.

It is not just enough to be mobile ready. Google will also take into account facts like load times, usability such as clicks needed to perform a task, overall design and so on. Fyoosion, the marketing automation website has been helping websites become mobile ready with their advanced technologies. Get ready to cash in on the growing mobile ecommerce opportunities by making your website mobile ready.

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