Achieving High Conversion By Using The Concept Of Conversion Centered Design For Landing Pages


One of the biggest challenges that web designers face is creating an optimized landing page. It takes lots of effort and involves dipping into the depths of your creative reservoir to design a landing page that can achieve a respectable conversion rate. Many developers use the concept of conversion centered design or CCD to achieve their objective.

Created to Achieve a Specific Objective

Conversion centered design is a discipline aimed at creating landing pages that can help marketers hit a specific business goal. The design is created in a specific manner so that the visitor is directed toward completing that one specific action on your website. The end objective is generally achieved by making use of psychological triggers as well as using persuasive designs. Increased conversion is the ultimate objective of any CCD.

The designer creates a landing page which has one specific aim – attracting the attention of visitors. The design elements must be also able to hold attention for a fair amount of time so that they can be directed to perform a specific action. There are proven ways of creating a landing page to boost conversion rate using conversion centered design.

Grab Attention through Orderliness

It is important to project your brand as a part of this awareness drive. This can be achieved by including a logo on every landing page created. It will help visitors get a clear idea of what they should do next. It goes without saying that a neat, uncluttered and well-organized page is imperative for you to succeed in your conversion objectives.

Using the Encapsulation Strategy

Encapsulation is a strategy that most web designers use to boost conversion rates. It involves creating a tunnel vision effect using a captivating graphic design. The key message is placed at the end of it. A well-executed encapsulation will help you turn the focus of the viewer exactly where you want.

The conversion centered design objectives can also be achieved by keeping the design elements consistent and using contracting colors in specific areas of the landing page.

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